Beauty, Brains & a Tantric Body, for What More Could You Ask?

These days I’m known primarily as a Domme, & while that’s certaibly true, I am a multifaceted individual with a plethora of interests & needs. I have some basic hard limits, but for the right personality, I’m as cuddly as a horny Teddy Bear.

I grew up a brat, moving every couple years, shifting personas depending whether I was in Colorado or the Midwest. The constant changes caused me then & now to be a product of my environment. I react to the person(s) around me, & morph into the version of myself best suited for them. It’s why I’m a damn good sex worker, how could not be when the experience is completely customized?

Since I am so malleable, I am very cautious about those I let into my orbit. I dislike experiences that make me feel used or less than human. I’m highly perceptive, I know someone’s intentions when they walk through the door & I don’t like feeling anything but good intent.

So I prefer to entertain like minded individuals, those with whom the conversation is almost as good as they sex, those with whom time doesn’t exist & we fall into a perfect, unique, alternate reality that is just ours. I seek the lovers, the poets, the artists, or at least those who are as an alter ego, many of you never ended up being what you truly should have. I seek the self-made men who understand the value of earning what they have.

I eschew entitlement, or the attitude that because I choose to use my body to make a living that I am somehow a failure or less of a person than you are. I reject convention, normalcy & the status quo.

I am a fantasy. I live a fantasy. My fantasy sustains me & is here to feed you, if you’re right for it.

Why the novel? Well I don’t have an accurate biography anywhere as my sites are topsy-turvy & I don’t ever want to be accused of being unclear or misrepresenting myself.

I’m assertive, I’m sensual & very tactile, I’m a I’m a lover, I’m multi-orgasmic, I’ve a libido to match yours when you were 18. I feed on pleasure & respect. I love expanding my mind, life is a never ending journey for me.

What is a tantric body? It’s one that comes from a kiss or just the brush of fingers in the right spot at the right time. Tantra is all about timing & rhythm, I can’t teach those if you don’t have them. But if you do, I can show you how to make me quiver at your breath, how to make me cum from the simplest motions, how to melt me into a puddle of soft flesh.

I connect well with fellow pleasure seekers. Those who’ve a checklist of activities or couldn’t be bothered to do ALL this reading, not so much. Easiest way to get what you want from me is to give me what I want, so here it is.

For screening:

Twitter is where I post recent pictures & let my personality show, feel free to screen me by perusing @Scarlet__OShea

If you’re on P411, just message me there. ID 144782.

If you’re on OH2, PM me there

If you’re not, fill out the contact form at or email directly to

I will require a phone call for screening. This is 100% nonnegotiable if we’ve not met before or I have no record of you.

(512) 593-1666 9am-9pm for screening, availability varies day to day.

You’re welcome to call before sending any messages but I will want to know handles. It’s basically a two factor authentication system these days.

All other questions will be answered over the phone, as that’s my favorite way of communicating.

So if you’re up for a challenge, if you’d like to expand your mind & your body, give me a call & we’ll see what we can do.

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