You've not truly indulged yourself until you've journeyed to my illustrious realm


I am empathic, intuitive, assertive & experienced. I can glean that which make you quiver within mere minutes of conversation. Then provided your desires match my desires, you are in for the erotic thrill of a lifetime.

Have it My Way

I greatly prefer balanced encounters. Why do this if I am not enjoying myself to the fullest at every available opportunity? If I'm enjoying myself, my partner will fully reap the benefits of my copious skills.

I have a tantric body & an unbridled mind. I require just a spark of chemistry to follow through on my tall talk, but honestly, wouldn't you rather like the person with whom you're choosing to spend time? I highly doubt you've ever had a woman like me...

  • Phone call mandatory for compatibility screening, then
  • Refs, PM's, P411 Oks, Profiles or ID for security screening
  • I will not work off a script or activity checklist
  • Encounter parmeters discussed prior, but once you're through the door...
  • I have creative control of the encounter
  • I give you what you need
  • You walk away happy & satisfied
  • 240 1HR|320 1.5HR|380 2HR|500 3HR|Ask about longer

Have it Your Way

For the consummate hobbyist, I do offer a more traditional encounter. You give me a list of desires, then so long as they are not past my hard limits & you can complete a security screening, I will see you.

It has been my experience that what a man wants & what he needs are often different altogether, but the ability to relinquish control only comes with life experience.

  • No mandatory phone call/compatibility screening
  • Refs, PM's, P411 Oks, Profiles or ID for security screening
  • Hard limits discussed prior to the encounter, then
  • You have creative control of an encounter
  • I give you what you want
  • You walk away knowing you got what you wanted
  • 360 1HR|480 1.5HR|600 2HR|720 3HR

Real World Options

  • Sports car driving
  • Dinner & a movie
  • Symphony/Ballet/Opera/Etc
  • Concert/Live music show
  • Art museums/galleries
  • Shopping, either for you or me. I make an excellent style consultant
  • Life advice/counseling/confidence lessons
  • Rate varies, contact me to build your perfect evening or weekend

Returning Clients

May be eligible for grandfathered rates, depending on how long its been since you've visited. Be sure to ask, if you've seen me previously.